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Coins FAQ

Post by Stealth2800 on Sun Apr 20, 2008 9:32 am

Coins are the currency system on this forum. They are displayed under 'Special Info' towards the bottom of the user's information to the right of their post.

Need coins? Well, here are a few ways how to on this forum.

2. Create a shop in the Coins Shop area of the forum.
3. Become forumer of the week and earn 300 coins.
4. Win a game on the Posting Games section of the forum. (If you win at say Hello before an admin comes.)
5. Help others and you will recieve 100 coins.
6. Be good on the forum, don't get an infraction for a month and you will get 200 coins.

Please do not SPAM the Coins shops

Questions? Comment below.

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