Can we reboot this forum?

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Can we reboot this forum?

Post by SHdude on Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:48 pm

I don't know we'd go about it, but I'd like to think we could reboot the forum.

If Stealth gives this his blessing, we could get new mods and admins.
I've already PM'd a bunch of old users in the hopes that they still use the email addresses they have on the site.

In it's prime, this forum was pretty damn amazing, with an awesome community.

We could get a new logo, a new colour scheme. Whatever it takes to get some degree of activity from this forum again.
It died in 2010, so having a rebirth five years later makes sense. Smile

(Edit: Stealth thinks we should leave this place and start a new forum, so I took the liberty of starting a new forum called The Pheonix Forum. Feel free to register!)

Hey Guest,
This place is dead, but I hope you've been well.

Let's reboot this place!

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